Past Reviews

These are different companies that I have been lucky enough to work with!  Check out the reviews posted

Tropical Traditions-Honey
Smart & Sexy
Best Pals
Eco Mom
Little Write Brain
PartyLite Candles
Charm Factory
Baby Dipper Bowl
Pillow Pets
Rembrandt & Reach
The Attitude Girl
Tom’s of Maine
Hamburger Helper Helping Hand
Dali Decal
Diva Girl Game
Trading Phrases
Tellurian Baby Products
Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship
T.TAio Soap & Sponge

Lucky Chick
Cocoa 101/Xocai
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Guitar Hero
Warmly Yours
Homemade Christmas
191 Unlimited
Scandle Body Candle
First Time Books
Money Savvy Generation
Alize Liqueur
Sleep Posture Pillow
Yum Yum Dish

Amy Adele

Fan Stamp


CSN Stores

101 Short and Hilarious Jokes For Kids

Little Write Brain

Rasdog Ready Leash

Grubbie Style

Fish Stix Game

The Boys Store


Ozone Socks
Dr. Scholl’s  Custom Fit
Strutz Sole Angels
Band-Aid Friction Block
EZ Sox

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