Last Saturday we went to Monster Jam!  Lil C LOVED the Loud Cars – His favorites were The 2 Dog cars – Mega Bite and Brutus.  Needless to say, neither of them won, but it was a great night

2013-01-12_19-26-12_127its Getting Ready to begin!IMG_20130112_202451Mega BiteIMG_20130112_202654Krazy TrainIMG_20130112_210332Northern NightmareIMG_20130112_210835GrinderIMG_20130112_211601Grave Digger

It was an amazing night!  Had great company and There were SO many Amazing Wipe outs and Flips!  And there were even Some GREAT Saves!  Way to Go Grave Digger for riding on just 3 wheels and FINISHING out the run!

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is coming back to town!  January 12, 2013 at the Ford Field in Detroit Michigan!  I am so excited to be able to bring this great event to you!  The MI Savings Mama family is planning on being there!  How about you?


A little about Monster Jam:  Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, starring the biggest performers on four wheels: Monster Jam monster trucks! The twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines will bring you to your feet, racing and ripping up a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over or smash through!  Monster Jam provides a massive night’s entertainment tailored perfectly for your family’s budget, and these colorful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old.


Are you wanting to go to Monster Jam?  If so, just make sure to go through here  to purchase your tickets.  With this deal you can get 4 Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, 4 Sodas and 4 Pit Passes for $100!  Savings of over $75!  That is an Amazing Price!

You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter!  Check back in the next week or so to win some tickets to this great show!

Heres some Monster Jam Trivia!  How many can you get right!

  1. Body – Made of_____________, a monster truck body is custom designed to create a character or theme for the truck.
    1. Fiberglass
    2. Steel
    3. Iron


  1. Driver Seat – Most monster trucks have the driver seated ______________the vehicle so he or she can best see the track for weight distribution.
    1. in the center of<
    2. on top of
    3. on the left side of


  1. As a safety measure, all seatbelts employ ________________ to restrain the driver’s body.
    1. an auto-lock feature
    2. 5 point harness
    3. an escape pod


  1. Paint – Most Monster Jam® monster trucks require _______________ of paint time.
    1. more than 25 days
    2. more than 40 hours
    3. less than 10 hours


  1. Engines – Custom-built, supercharged and methanol-injected, a monster truck engine burns up to _________________ of methanol per run (approximately 80 meters) and delivers about __________________.
    1. 30 liters; 2,000 horsepower
    2. 10 liters; 1,500 horsepower
    3. 5 liters; 1,000 horsepower


  1. Suspension System – In order to allow the drivers to withstand the punishing impacts of jumping and crashing a monster truck during a performance, each Monster Jam monster truck is equipped with specially-engineered extra long 76cm shock absorbers filled with oil and ________________________ that are installed with each tire.
    1. vinegar
    2. water
    3. nitrogen gas


  1. Each monster truck tire is custom made but must be ______________ inches high and _____________ inches wide.
    1. 120; 99
    2. 33; 33
    3. 66; 43


  1. The average monster truck team will go through _____________ tires in one year.
    1. 80
    2. 8
    3. 20


  1. ________________ was the 25year anniversary for the Grave Digger Team
    1. 2005
    2. 2010
    3. 2007


  1. More than ____________________ Monster Jam fans attend events each year worldwide
    1. 1 million
    2. 2 million
    3. 4 million


  1. The World Finals in ____________________ brings 24 of the top trucks in the world to compete for the World Freestyle and Racing Championships.  Competitors are by invitation only.
    1. Houston, TX
    2. Las Vegas, NV
    3. Atlanta, GA


  1. A monster truck race team will travel _______________ Miles a year by land to attend events.
    1. 45,000
    2. 1 million
    3. 27,000


  1. Typical monster trucks cost ___________________ yearly to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain on the Monster Jam tour.
    1. $1 million
    2. $350,000
    3. $600,000


  1. Average number of cars crushed per year: _____________________.
    1. 3,000
    2. 500
    3. 1,000

*I will receive tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Guess Who’s coming Back to Detroit!  Grave Digger and ALL his Friends!   They will be invading the Ford Field on January 12th at 7Pm!  Get your tickets Now!  With this deal you can get 4 Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, 4 Sodas and 4 Pit Passes for $100!  Savings of over $75!  That is an Amazing Price!

This week is a Not so Wordless Wednesday! The MI Savings Mama Family had such a great time!


This past Thursday I had the opportunity to take Lil C, Lil Miss, My man, and also my uncle and cousin to see the Ringling Bros & Barnum Bailey Circus!  This was held at the Palace!


Some of my Favorite parts were the Clown!  He just was always doing something to make fun of the other actors!  Which made the crowd laugh louder and louder!  The Band was defiantly my all time favorite! I love when there is a live ensemble!   If you look hard enough, you will be able to see the drummer behind the sound wall!


These animals are all Amazing Creatures!   I sit in Awe every time I see them!

* I received tickets in exchange for all posts for this event.  All opinions expressed are my own.

The Tigers are playing for the Championship!   As of Tuesday morning – they were up this series 2 – 0 !  Can we take a sweep?!


This is from Last Years Game!

My little Artist – Great way to keep him busy!  Especially because we got Rain – and he had to decorate all over again



Rockin’ Ever After …. I love Disney!

Sigh…. This made me melt… And I got a little jealous too.. LoL … He didn’t come curl up on my lap to watch Disney On Ice


My friend is taking photography classes in college.  So when she said she needed people to take photos of -so she could learn techniques and editing … I was excited to be one of the lucky ones picked.  I think she’s an amazing photographer…what do you think?

I didn’t realize how Autumy the trees were!

Here’s a rarity – i have my hair down

      I love the Sepia colored one…

This weekend the MI Savings Mama Family went to the Festival of the Senses in my home town.  This is basically a large art and craft show (and they had some food and some  music there as well)  We found something that both the kids loved!  What do you think?


She’s a Delicate Butterfly


He’s the Blue Two-Face

Here are two of my favorite people!  Neither wanted to wash their face at night!  lol.  Kids

I had a GREAT Holiday Weekend.
Not only did I have Saturday and Sunday off, but I got to actually relax this weekend.

This  is what I got to see all weekend :D
Got to go on a Boat ride  - Nice to be on the open water
Even the Pups like it
Gotta love the traditional Water fight at the Family Memorial Day picnic


Yes you read that right! Monster Jam came to Michigan on March 3!  It was Super awesome…And the best part about it .. I got to share it with some Amazing People.   This was the 1st Monster Jam that My son has ever been to. Typically one would think that an event like Monster Jam was something that A Dad would take his son to… But not in this Family!  It was a great Mother son Bonding Time.   Along with bringing my Son …. We took Papa (my dad), and My friend and his daughter!

This was the Second time I have gone to Monster Jam – and I loved it just as much as the first – if not more.  I tried telling my dad that When we went in January, it wasn’t that loud – that I expected it to be louder… But, Yeah, that didnt work.  Boy was I wrong…. This time was SUPER loud  - but super fun! I think the loudness is one of the biggest parts of the excitement.  The kids didn’t totally see it the same way – but we solved that with some good headphones!

Lil C loved when the Monster Trucks would crust the cars that were on the track.  I cant blame him – because that is one of my favorite parts too… Well, that and when they flip their cars!  After the 1st roll over, Lil C realized that they can flip and crash …. and from then on kept yelling to all the truck to Roll Over!!!!  And one car actually did that!  Not only did it flip to the roof – but it managed to make it ALL the way back to it’s Wheels!  And know who  it was?  It was “Grave Digger – the Legend”  This was Defiantly EVERYONE’S favorite!

*Thank you to Feld Entertainment for the opportunity to go to this Event!  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not financially compensated for this review.


Says it all!

Calling all MICHIGAN Monster Truck Enthusiasts!! Monster Jam is coming to the Ford Field on March 3, 2012! Show starts at 7:30pm. You also have the opportunity to get pit passes and met the cars and drivers! Readers of MI Savings Mama have the opportunity to get a family pack for 100.00! Included in the family pack you will get 4 Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs, and 4 Sodas for only 100.00!I had a great time the last time I went to Monster Jam!  All the Cars – The Engines… The Jumps… The Landings…and Most of all… Who cant love the crashes! (Thankfully all the drivers are VERY experienced and VERY protected in their Truck)

How can you get tickets to this great event?
Buy It:  You can purchase tickets at Ticketmaster
Win It: One Lucky Michigan Reader will have the opportunity to go to Ford Field with 3 guests to see Monster Jam
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