Jun 152013

As of today, I am at the end of week 2 of the Revolt Now Fitness Program.  I will not fib…. It is not Easy by any means… But as the saying goes “No Pain, No Gain”   Well, I felt the pain alright.  I cant wait to see the transformed body that I will Gain from it…   I can say I completed Every day of workouts – except for today.  I  traded today’s work out for going to Greenfield Village.  Boy my legs kill from that. We were there for about 3 hours – all walking – up and down hills and pathways…. Trying to not trip over any lil ones.    You know doing the  ”Large step, large step, baby step, baby step, jump right baby step, back to a normal stride” Dance. Revolt Now Fitness Week 2

Now for the numbers.    I was hoping to see a little more change than I did, but I had a bunch of setbacks (Moving was one of them.) When I agreed to the Revolt Fitness Now program, I weighed 178 lbs.

This weeks Stats:
Starting Weight – 174.2 lbs
Ending Weight – 173.8 lbs
Total Loss this week – Well, lets call it a wash.
Total Loss from the beginning. 4.2 lbs

This program came at perfect time.  With the wedding quickly approaching, I am wanting to tone out a bunch of areas – like my thighs and my arms and shoulders.   And I’d love just to tighten up my abs.   But I’m not too concerned of Loosing too much weight -pound wise.   I have 10 more weeks to go before the wedding.    Let’s see how week three goes!

*I received a subscription to Revolt Now Fitness in exchange for posting about my journey.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

  4 Responses to “Revolt Now Fitness – Week 2”

  1. Have you measured yourself? That’s where I see the most change. My weight has changed very little in the 7 weeks I’ve done it but I’ve lost inches!

    • I did a Measurement list this week – and posted it in my room. So hoping to see some number changes the next weeks

  2. you’re doing awesome! the scale is not the best way to keep track as muscle weighs more than fat. use the tape meaure and body fat calipers. I haven’t lost a lot of weight but my body fat has dropped a ton!
    Tonia recently posted..Revolt: Week 7

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