Apr 212013

I love my cell phone… But theres always times that I wish it could be a little bigger – or do a little more… So when i was offered to try to out the Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon I jumped at the chance.note 001

A little about the Note:  Imagine yourself holding a new smartphone. Now imagine that this smartphone comes with the newest Android™ operating system, Jelly Bean, and the dependability of Verizon, which has more 4G LTE coverage than all other networks combined. You could even imagine using this phone as a sketchbook and notebook, with its large HD screen and S pen.(verizon)note 005

If you are looking for a phone that Everyone will want to steal – then this is the one.  When we went out with family and friends for karaoke… EVERYONE just had to LOOK at it…. and touch it….and play with the apps and features…. Oye!  My favorite part – I LOVE the note pad.  Having a regular touch screen phone – trying to leave myself notes… is a huge hassle.  Especially now.  I keep trying to leave my self notes when I hear a song that I want to remember for possible wedding songs.  It never fails – every time I do, my current phone Auto corrects it… because it doesn’t like my short hand type!  With the Note II – I can do a couple squiggles and I can read it later!note 006
See what I mean?!  Isn’t it amazing?  What is you favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note?


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I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

  17 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note II Review”

  1. Wow, I love the option to write a note and not have the phone auto correct my shorthand! That happens to me all the time! Awesome phone!

  2. I totally love this <a href="http://www.glassesandglitter.com/review-att-samsung-galaxy-note-2-delivers-for-sxsw/&quot; title="Samsung Galaxy Note II"as well! AT&T sent over the phone for me to use and review and I almost did not want to send it back! Enjoy it! I sure did!
    Tori recently posted..Manicure Monday: Essie Sleek Slick Review!

  3. I think the note pad would be my favorite feature too! I need to pay more attention to technology. I get so confused about which gadget does which thing. Thanks for clearing this one up for me!

  4. ha! i love your pic!! i’d LOVE to try the note- it looks really neat. i w ish my husbands work would get something like this for them- it would make a lot of things happen quicker and make life easier for my husband and his colleagues

  5. I almost got this phone but it is way too big. I liked the fact that it has a stylus pen and you could write on it and actually take notes that the phone saves. I could’ve been able to deal with the size if it wasn’t for the slow camera…but the phone is pretty cool :)
    Sofia recently posted..Bannor Toys: Wooden Cars

    • Yeah i know what you mean about the size… I typically like a phone i can put in my pocket because of work situations… But this is defiantly on my top 10 list!

  6. My phone is an old clunker and I wish I had something like this phone, it seems to do it all

  7. i was wondering if anyone liked this phone. my brother works at verizon and wouldn’t let me get this phone cause it is one of the most brought back phones (mainly for size reasons) but i usually like the phones everyone hates lol. I ended up with the iphone again. Not very happy about it lol

    • I’m like you. I tend to like all the phones that everyone else doesn’t seem to like as much… but i did really like the Note

  8. That phone looks HUGE! I have the Galaxy s3 right now. I tried out a Note at BlogHer last year I think, though, and it was nice. :)
    Liz recently posted..Sweet Relish Sunday (#3 of 4) + a giveaway

  9. I know this is a review of a particular device, but the ability to take notes and not have them be autocorrected IS available on other devices. I use a simple app called Handwriting by Cocoa Box Design to take free-form notes on my iPhone. It can even post the handwritten notes directly to Facebook or Twitter (as images) if you want.
    Aaron recently posted..15 Reasons to Celebrate Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 15th Birthday

  10. love that note feature!

  11. I wasn’t aware Samsung Galaxy had a phone. My children bought my wife the Galaxy 7+ last year for her birthday. She can’t do without it more than a couple of hours. Would love to get her the phone for Mother’s Day

  12. I have the Galaxy SIII and I love it! I think (LOL) the only difference is the pen!
    Kay M. recently posted..Who Needs New Carpet?

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