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Having my own house to keep clean completely made me realize all the cleaning you have to do and all the cleaners that are used.  It seems like even though an all purpose spray says it’s for everything – you still need individual products for your floor and for your tables and your bathrooms.  And the more supplies you buy the more plastic bottles you need…and the more that lands up in the landfill… Then I heard about BIO+Crystals.  They are one of the few companies that offer a cleaning solution that is all purpose and that doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space in the landfill with their packaging.
A little about the Bio+Crystals All purpose cleaner.

  • Light Green Crystals
  • Bio Based Surfactants and Natural Minerals
  • No Petrochemical
  • Perfume Free
  • Scented with Natural Spearmint Oil
  • No EDTA
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • No Phosphates
  • No Volatile Odor Component
  • Sachet Makes 32oz Fluid Ounces
  • Water Soluble – Biodegradable Sachet

This was the first time I have ever heard about Bio+Green Crystals.  I loved the fact that all you needed is just a water spray bottle – and you can just purchase the biodegradable Sachet when you are out!  The Sachets are sold in packs of 1, 3 and 12.  Purchasing more than 1 sachet at a time helps safe the earth!  How does it work?  All you need to do is fill up the spray bottle of water, and just drop the sachet in and let it dissolve. It took about 30 minutes for the whole sachet to dissolve completely.  The time may vary with the temperature of water you use, the amount and your patience level!  Mine was great, and Since I wasnt planning on cleaning that night It didnt bother me.  I do feel comfortable enough letting my son use this to clean up messes.  That is something I wouldnt do with any other Regular cleaners that you can get at the store – Not with all the chemicals in them!  And lil C is only 5.  He did look at me like I was crazy though when I told him to grab the bottle and clean up his mess.  What are your favorite cleaning supplies?

*I received a packet and spray bottle of Bio+Crysals All purpouse cleaner for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

  9 Responses to “Bio+Green Crystals All Purpose Cleaner – Organic Cleaning Crystals – Green Clean”

  1. I love that it truly is for everything! Also, having 4 kids and pets, non-toxic is always a comfort to me.
    Full Time Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Baking with daddy

    • I am just glad that Now i can teach Lil C that he can clean up his own messes – and its is an all purpose cleaner!

  2. I’m all about having cleaners that I feel safe letting my kids use! They like to be right next to me when I’m cleaning, too, and I’m always nervous about chemical cleaners with them around!
    Johanna @ Mama Chocolate recently posted..10 Top Superfoods

    • And its nice because I can use it on my kitchen floor – and i have 2 animals that are always laying in the kitchen …. :D

  3. Hi Amy! I’m definitely getting this/these products mentioned. Excellent review and I have a dog and we go green here because we don’t want anything toxic here in Southern Calif. I’m 52 so my kids are grown men who are not married yet and live in Texas. Whenever they do get married and have my grandchildren I’ll be happy that I made this non toxic/green decision years ago!! Thanks!
    Carolyn M recently posted..Peace Pilgrim Book and Booklet’s Review and Giveaway

    • I am loving the ability to Go Greener lately! Bio+Crystals are just so much fun. I loved the fact that the sachet dissolved in water!

  4. I loved reviewing Flushy, Sinky and Trashy. I’m rethinking my cleaning tactics. I want to gear towards more green products. Thank you for the great review! This sounds like something I need to try!
    Melissa Say What? recently posted..Sunscreen Gets Relabeled

  5. Those are really cool. I like that you can buy the satchels in groups so that you have less waste. Sounds like a great product!
    Mimi recently posted..New Year’s Eve DVD Giveaway

  6. Sounds like an awesome product. I agree with you, teaching the little ones to clean up after themselves is an important step!
    Debbie recently posted..Healthy Hydrated Skin with NeoCell – Giveaway

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