Feb 012012

I remember the day I saw my puppy in a pet store… My boyfriend and myself were at the local mall walking around, and no matter what, I am always drawn to the Pet Store… Especially the Puppies… Don’t get me wrong, I do love cats – and I have a cat too, but I am a dog lover all the way.  That day… Big mistake… There was this little Papillion- Tan and White -  sitting in the cage… He had actually been there for a while (like a few weeks…)  He did have a brother (or maybe it was a sister…. I didnt ask to check), but i didn’t like the Black and white combination.  I told myself one trip, maybe if he’s there the next time we comet o the mall… I will consider it… but… didn’t have too high of hopes.

Low and behold, the next trip to the mall… Guess what puppy was still in the window…. Yep, you got it.  That little Tan and white puppy that I fell in love with… Floppy Papillion ears and all!  I told my boyfriend that I wanted him… I wanted him sooo much, but… I knew my parents would kick my tush if I had purchased him and brought him home… So what did we do?  We asked my boyfriends father if my dog could live there.  He said yes…and into the store we went to purchase a dog!  I was so excited.

We asked to play with this cute fuzzball… and they let us…and we found about about his history… and then there was no turning back… I purchased my first (and only) puppy.  We got a leash and a little goody bag to take home… and Loaded ourselves into the car.  This is when it hit me… What would we name this cute fuzzball…. Oh boy – this took a good hour of discussion with my boyfriend….. nothing sounded right…. That’s when he went down the list of names that they had for their dogs – they all had a theme… car parts… one dog was name sprocket… and the one his parents had at that time was named axle… So… I love cars… It worked well…..

The whole car ride home… All we did was name off car parts…. Wiper?… Nope…Windshield….?  No…That’s not good… Engine? …So not a dogs name…  That’s when we started getting into the cluster panel of a car…. Speedometer?  Well, we could name him Speedy – but that reminded me of a turtle… Odometer?  Well, We could call him Oddie for short… (hmmm, would i name my cat Garfield instead?) … Then… We both said “Tachometer” … If you don’t know what a tachometer in a car is  … it is  “an instrument measuring revolutions per minute, as of an engine”  So it tells how fast a cars engine is going- usual in RPMs….And when you talk about a tachometer – u can shorten it to Tach.  And That is how my lil puppy was named.  People think that we named him Tach – as in Attack… But… Nope, I just have to remind people that he was named after a car part… and if I am mad at him, yes he does get called his WHOLE name… “TACHOMETER!”  thankfully he’s a good puppy….

And now present day…. My husband still has Tach, and I am wanting to get him back for my son and I.  I so miss my Tachometer…. He’s a great puppy.  Not so much a puppy anymore – since he is 7 human years old.  But at least Lil C gets to see Tach when he spends the weekend at Daddy’s house.

I am sharing this story about my sweet pup as a part of the “What’s in a Name?” Campaign sponsored by DogFenceDiy, the invisible fence alternative. No matter the name, DogFenceDiy believes in keeping your animals safe.

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I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

  4 Responses to “Whats in a Name? How Tach got his Name”

  1. CUTE naming story!! love it!

  2. My kids would love to get a puppy. :)

  3. aww that is so sweet and I am so sorry he is not with you. My son is also 4 and he has a yellow Chi Weenie named Lucy after the Peanuts Gang as my sons name is Charlie and I called him Charlie Brown and I have Sandi from Grease as it was my daughters favorite movie and since my daughter passed always it helps me have her close.
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  4. cute

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