May 202011

I have to say my 4 year old can navigate my cellphone just as well as I can.  Since I got a Droid2 I can now download  Applications!  Wahoo for that!  Now My phone can double for entertainment for my son!  One of my favorite wall papers for my phone is anything fish related…  Well, when I heard that I could get a game that was fish related… I had to check it out.Do you ever wonder what fish do? Theres a large pond (or even a fish tank) and every so often you see bubble floating around.  You figure it could be from plants or breathing animals…  Well, I think they are from Fish.. .and this game proves it.  Fish Farts can be played in a couple different modes – you have your Older Children/Adult Difficulties and then you have your young children’s mode.

Object of the game:  To pop as many bubbles as you can without hitting the fish.  Every time you tap on a fish the fish farts and makes the tank cloudy.  You can play it on your 3 difficulty levels – I played on easy… Just because I want to have a simple relaxing game.  I made it to level 8 before I missed too many bubbles … But I did do really good at not clicking on the fish.  But what fun is that?  You gotta click on the fish – So I went to the Children’s mode… This is where you can miss as many bubbles, and not loose the game… Nor when you click on a fish does the screen fog up! HA!  It is so much fun.  My lil guy got a kick out of clicking on the fish…  each species of fish has its out farting sound… the little tiny ones those are hard t click on… but if you do, they have this high pitch fart!  We laughed So Hard!  I even took it into work to show my coworkers… You would think that all of us being adults (all over 21) would be mature and not find it funny…. Yep… WRONG!!!  Everyone Cracked up at this game!   Just make sure to have the sound on!

I recommend this to anyone who has little kids.   And anyone who has grown men in their family!  I’m sure they’ll love it too!
Where can you find Fish Farts?  You can Download this game for your Android Phone Here .  The cost?  It only costs $0.99!  Not a bad price for fun for the lil ones!  Id probably just make sure to not let them play with it at a “fancy” restaurant.  Lil C already told me he wanted to play it the next time we went out to eat!  Oy!

*I received this game for review purposes only.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

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